About Us

“Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein
We design.
Our consulting and design services for educational institutions, non-profits, individuals, and small businesses, means that:
We design web environments.
We design social media strategies and can manage your online and social media communities.
We design and can deliver instruction or training face-to-face or via online platforms.
Please look through the site to see samples from our work in social media and web design and other projects past and present. If we can be of service to you or your organization, please contact us.
You can see many of Ken’s presentations and information on his teaching and work in poetry.  
We write here about design and on other topics elsewhere. Take a look.

The Infinite Scroll Debate

Of course, infinite scroll isn’t really infinite. Infinite scroll became a design practice about a decade ago. It is a web design technique where, as the user scrolls down a page, more content automatically and continuously loads at the bottom, eliminating the user’s need to click to the next page. In earlier decades, the idea of … Continue reading The Infinite Scroll Debate

The Year in Social Media

While lots of people online are making predictions about all kinds of things for the year ahead, I like to look back at the predictions that were made for the year that is ending. Did anyone get it right? Clearly, the pandemic wasn’t on anyone’s radar in December 2019 although the first signs of it … Continue reading The Year in Social Media


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