Web Design Samples

A links sampler of some of our website designs ranging from free to paid hosting, designs using templates and custom-built ones.  Also see this illustrated page on these and other sites.

  1. The Laura Boss Poetry Foundation – website for the foundation’s projects including the Lips poetry journal and a poetry book contest. We created poet Laura Boss’ original website as a free WordPress site.
  2. MariaGillan.com a hosted poet’s site which includes a separate blog at mariagillan.blogspot.com (using Blogger)
  3. PoetsOnline.org online poetry magazine and its companion Poets Online blog
  4. One Page Schoolhouse  free site using Blogger
  5. Soledad O’Brien  information site and blog
  6. Paterson Literary Review -poetry journal
  7. Endangered NJ blog – about threatened and endangered species and things in New Jersey
  8. PCCC Writing  Center – no longer being used
  9. Weekends in Paradelle – home for essays
  10. Why Name It That? – a site about the origin stories of words, names, bands, products etc.
  11. NJIT.edu site revision done as Manager in Web Services at NJIT in moving existing site to a new content management system, 2006-2007

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