Farewell Websites

hello world

I was trying to clean up an older iPad of mine and get rid of apps and junk so that it would be a bit faster. That led me to go into the bookmarks which were not syncing with any other devices. What a nostalgia trip!

Sifting through the sites that you once bookmarked as having some importance, you realize how many sites have vanished. I recall a feature in a browser past (Was it Netscape or an early Firefox?) that allowed me to check bookmarks in a keystroke and if they were valid. No more, so I started clicking old ones to see if they are still online.

Here are just a few I eliminated:

1.) AIM
2.) Yahoo Chat
3.) LiveJournal
4.) Orkut – you can make a whole list of all the Google properties gone, such as Google+
5.) Friendster
6.) Xanga
7.) Bebo
8.) Six Apart
9.) IRC

MySpace still exists in some form and some URLs were bought and repurposed but it is a reminder of how many of the mighty have fallen.

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