Mood Boards

In web design, a mood board is a collection of features such as fonts, images, icons, and other UI elements that help to define the artistic direction of a project.

Marketers and web designers sometimes use mood boards to pitch creative concepts to their clients and as part of their branding strategy.

The first time I saw one, it actually reminded me of the bulletin boards some people had in their bedrooms in high school and college. This visual presentation is a collage of images, text, and samples of objects based on a topic. Why “mood board”? Because it is used to convey a general idea or feeling about a particular topic. They may be physical or digital.

Mood boards are also used in the creation of videos and films. Digital mood boards are often digital and can include animated gifs and video clips. It can illustrate sets and locations, a color palette, characters, costumes, or almost any aspect of the film. Also known as production design books for film and television, they often are a way of visioning set design, graphic design, or set decoration.

The biggest difference in how mood boards are used is more about who uses them than about the content. A color palette can be used by a set decorator, production designer, web designer, graphic designer, or director.

Examples and More

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