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Do You Still Need a Standalone Website?

A friend who owns a small restaurant asked me recently if she still needs a website for her business. She has a Facebook page and social presence on Instagram, and Twitter and has regular activity on Yelp. In her opinion, most of her traffic goes to those places. She can…

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The Need for Web Design Courses

An article declares that “Digitization Increases The Need for Web Design Courses.” But does it? A web design course needs to teach HTM, CSS, graphic design, UX, UI, and a shelf of other skills. languages. There are so many things to know that a) it probably can’t be taught in…

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Apple’s iCloud Website Redesign

Apple’s iCloud website has looked the same for a while. The old design followed the block design of earlier iOS versions. So, it is no surprise that the redesign looks more like the iOS widgets that Apple users are already used to seeing elsewhere. The new iCloud website is customizable so that you…

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I am Kenneth Ronkowitz. I spent 45 years in education teaching all levels from middle school to graduate school. Along the way I coordinated computer operations in K-12 and directed instructional design at a university.
For the past 20 years, I have done web design and educational consulting for curriculum design online and in-person . You’ll find examples and links to all of that here and on my social sites.