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Be Mobile First

Most people are searching, at least via Google, using a mobile device. Still, many people and many ranking systems, and even some designers typically look at the desktop version of a site as the main or perhaps the best version. This can be a problem. Pages and entire sites can…

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A UX Intro

I was looking through some materials I used in teaching a course that included a unit on UX. The user experience is abbreviated as both UX and UE (which somehow in itself seems like a bad user experience). UX is how a user interacts with and experiences a product, system,…

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Generational Attitudes About Websites

One place you can see a generation gap is in attitudes towards websites, especially personal websites and having a web presence. A study by website building/hosting company Squarespace partnering with The Harris Poll surveyed over 2,000 US adults and found marked differences in attitudes based on age. The youngest group…

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Farewell Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics, which was a standalone tool available at, will not be available after today, June 30, 2021. This month I looked at the reports and exported the charts and tables for several of my accounts. Honestly, I did not find it very useful. Why did they decide to…

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Should You Use Stock Photos?

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)  I was reading an article about using stock photos. In this case, it was about hotel property websites but the ideas apply to most commercial websites. I’m not a fan of using stock photos. For many clients, the cost is an issue, but there…

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Author Websites and Self-Promotion

I have built websites for several authors and their needs are generally similar. (A few of my samples are here.) If someone just typed your name in the search bar, what would we find? Chances are they are looking to find out About You (biography), your Publications, any Events you…

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About Me

I am Kenneth Ronkowitz. I spent 45 years in education teaching all levels from middle school to graduate school. Along the way I coordinated computer operations in K-12 and directed instructional design at a university.
For the past 20 years, I have done web design and educational consulting for curriculum design online and in-person . You’ll find examples and links to all of that here and on my social sites.