I have been an avid and active blogger since 2006. Besides the occasional posts on this site, here are the other sites where I post these days.

Serendipity35  is where I started blogging in 2006 and it still gets the highest number of readers every month and has over 100 million visits since it began. It has my thoughts about learning and technology and the places where they intersect..

Weekends in Paradelle has posts every weekend from my online sanctuary about topics that I am thinking about, about writing and many observations, including celestial observations,

Endangered New Jersey is my blog that focuses on the parts of New Jersey that are threatened or endangered. This is particularly about fish and wildlife, but also about natural spaces, historic preservation and the environment of our densely populated and wildly diverse state. This blog grew out of my more than three decades of volunteer work for the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.

As part of my own life in poetry, I blog about poetry at Poets Online which is a companion blog to my site. This is a site that offers a monthly writing prompt for poets and publishes a monthly collection of the best of reader responses. The site has been online since 1998.

In 2014, I did a daily poem project called Writing the Day. It has 365 poems from that year, all written in the ronka poetry form. Since then, I continue writing there, but more like a weekly practice.

A blog I call One-Page Schoolhouse is one where I hope I am “educating one page at a time” with short posts about a wide variety of topics.

My personal fascination with the etymology of words and the origins of names led me to start a blog called Why Name It That? which looks at the origins of the names of people, products, teams, words, phrases. The most popular category is the origin of rock band names.

I really don’t think of as a blogging site for me because much of what I put there (Ronkville at are reposts, but Tumblr is a true blog platform for many people with more than 300 million accounts.