POETS ONLINE is my online writing prompts workshop and monthly e-zine that offers poets inspiration and the opportunity to try writing and submitting a poem to the monthly writing prompt. I have been doing the site since 1998. The site now has more than a hundred prompts and an archive of more than a thousand poems.

The companion blog to Poets Online offers regular information on workshops, festivals, news of poets and poetry and a place for your comments.

Poets Online is quite social:

My poetry project for 2014 was a daily writing practice that I titled Writing the Day. There were 365 poems in the invented ronka form that year and the poems continue on more of a weekly basis now.

Three of my poems were featured on The Writer’s Almanac in 2019. The poems are at the end of the podcast if you want to fast forward through the news part, and a text version of each poem is also posted online. One is a serious poem, “Shame,” and two have the tongue in the cheek, at least partially – “Who Shows Up at My Poetry Reading” and “Somewhat Optimistic Horoscopes.”