Much of what Ronkowitz LLC offers could be under the heading of “design.” Wikipedia defines design as “the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction.”

But design has different connotations depending on the many fields in which it occurs. An engineer or graphic designer is involved in the literal construction of an object.

An instructional designer uses “design thinking” to create a course of learning.

In web design, we create starting on paper an overall site design and functionality and then build that online.

Designing a strategy for the use of social media involves elements of visual design (like a web designer) and the user experience (UX) skills that instructional designers use.

Designing means considerations of aesthetic, functional, economic, and sociopolitical dimensions for both the design object and design process.

Designers of all kinds do research, modeling, prototyping, test for user experiences, and re-design.

At Ronkowitz LLC, we design websites, learning (academic courses and training), workshop and presentation experiences.

We also offer editing services for writers.