The Secret of Louise Delage on Instagram


If you’re looking for a good model for getting followers, you might point to Louise Delage on Instagram. She arrived on the social network August 1, 2016. A pretty chic French woman posting pictures of herself and some friends in Paris having drinks, eating, smiling and enjoying life. Just another 25-year-old who likes posting pictures of herself.

She got 66,000 followers in just over a month. How? Not such a shocking account. Good photographs, pretty people, nice locations. Two to three posts per day. Lots of hashtags on each post.  Louise got about 50 likes per day which leads others to your account.

But Louise is not real.

Remember LonelyGirl15? Delage was a campaign. It wasn’t to sell a product. It was more like a public service announcement.

On September 22,  “Louise” posted a video clip that revealed she was a campaign by advertising agency BETC.


The Instagram video shows that in the vast majority of the 150 Delage photos on the fake account there is some alcoholic drink shown. Louise likes booze.

The campaign was created for Addict Aide  which sought to raise awareness of alcoholism and addiction among young people.

BETC  was attempting to point out how easily we might be blind to noticing the addiction of someone close to you and thought the fake account might show that with someone you saw every day.

Though the deception has garnered some negative reactions, it certainly brought awareness to Addict Aide.

From a social media perspective, we can take note of their approach.

  • Very active account (2-3 posts daily)
  • Posting at high-traffic times
  • Good photography – they looked at fashion posts and borrowed practices (Like using filters)
  • 20+ fashion or food-related hashtags on each post
  • A pretty profile personality surrounded by more pretty people in pretty places
  • Liking and following (they used a bot) certain accounts (women interested in fashion, journalists and celebrities) and influencers with 20-100K followers

A final video post revealed the campaign but is no longer available online.