Eric Schwartzman (who is the instructor of a Social Media Ethics course I took, for free, on Udemy) posted that the CCPA Compliance Grace Period has expired.

“Social media compliance just got tougher. In June, the new California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect.┬áDigital compliance and consumer privacy law are too often overlooked.┬áBut if you use social media to market a brand, product or service, you ought to know the basics.

Fines and penalties can be substantial, and even put you out of business if regulators decide to make an example out of you.

To help you understand your CCPA and GDPR compliance requirements, I got together with Robert Freund, a seasoned Los Angeles-based advertising attorney and recorded a podcast briefing to bring you up to speed on what’s required.”


What You Need to Know About Data Privacy Laws, GDPR & CCPA Compliance Requirements