The Social Media Skills Gap


Gap? What gap? Using social media for marketing, customer service and sales has fully arrived. eMarketer┬ásays there is 90% adoption. That’s not the gap.

The gap occurs in training and resources for employees. Some companies rely on a small team or even an individual to handle their social media. Of course, many companies outsource their SM management. There is nothing inherently wrong in that approach, but it is important for almost all employees to have a background in SM and an understanding of the organization’s strategies for using it. This is particularly true for companies that use/encourage/allow many employees to use social media for their work.

Employees have been largely ignored. Research from management consulting firm Capgemini Consulting says Some consultants have said┬áthat 90% of workers don’t have the skills to leverage social media as a business tool.

If you’re hiring, more social media courses are being offered at colleges (generally in marketing and communications programs), but there are also online courses available for current employees, including MOOC offerings and free on-demand resources from places like Hootsuite.