njit-logoAfter 25 years teaching at the secondary level in public school,  I moved to working full time at New Jersey Institute of Technology (Manager of Instructional Technology; Manager of Online Media; Senior Designer; Faculty).

I now teach only part-time at NJIT in undergraduate English, and in the graduate Humanities program in Professional and Technical Communication.

I also teach occasionally in the English department at Montclair State University (MSU), and taught in the English department at Passaic County Community College (PCCC) while acting as the Director of the Writing Initiative there.

Some Courses Taught:

  • NJIT – PTC629 The Theory & Practice of Social Media (online)
  • NJIT – PTC605 Elements of Visual Design – NJIT (online)
  • NJIT PTC698 Social Media Ethics and Law (special topic)
  • NJIT – ENG352 Technical Writing – NJIT (hybrid)
  • MSU-ENGW 207 or WRIT207 Technical Writing – face-to-face
  • NJIT – PTC 610: Evaluation of Programs and Practice – (online)
  • PCCC -HIT 252 Instructional Design and Training for the Workplace (online)
  • PCCC – CT 101 Critical Thinking (face-to-face)
  • Academia and the MOOC (MOOC offered online through the Canvas Network, 2013)


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